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Why Turkey and Oven Bags

The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags: Since 2009 Back in the day, in Northern California, super markets had this weird thing happen in the fall: there was a run on Reynolds Oven Bags. From Bay Area stores up thru the Emerald Triangle, long before Thanksgiving Day,...

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SYMBYS Vacuum Bags: Uncut and Precut Bags and Rolls

Professional 5 ML, BPA free with Air Removal Channels SYMBYS Stash Vacuum Bags are compatible with most commercial vacuum sealing machines. Made of heavy duty, non-toxic plastic, SYMBYS bags are available in varying sizes. You can choose from precut bags and uncut...

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TrimBag: Unzip the Future of Dry Trimming

From Northern California: The Newest Dry Trim Solution, TrimBag The kind folks at KB Designs created TrimBag to be the affordable way to trim and sift flowers. They looked at the industry and sought to bring a creative new approach while maintaining machine trimming...

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The PurePressure Rosin Press: Be Impressed

The Pikes Peak Dual Pressure Rosin Press Revolutionizes Rosin Technology: With unmatched user control, quality and durability these rosin presses are the game changing machines on the field. PurePressure presses allow the user to configure and customize the press to...

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Safe, Responsible, Compliant Storage and Transport

Know Your Carry Limits and Do Not Carry in Unlocked Containers Now that Prop 64 has passed in California, there are new rules and regulations you need to know about regarding possession. Firstly, you are allowed to carry up to one ounce of flower and up to 8 grams of...

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