The Green Scissor Screen Insert 1/4 inch (Case 10)

  • The Green Scissor brand
  • Qty per case: 10
  • The Screen Insert 1/4 inch is designed to snap into the Sifting Tray and is part of a three piece system also available as a kit
  • Hole openings are 1/4 inch
  • Helps to sift and sort botanicals gently and efficiently without damaging them
  • All edges of the holes have been rounded to remove the sharp 90 degree edges
  • Originally manufactured and distributed by GanjaTek, now part of The Green Scissor brand.
  • This product is also available as part of a kit offered by The Green Scissor. Click to view THE GREEN SCISSOR SIFTING AND BAGGING KIT >>>>
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The Green Scissor Screen Insert 1/4 inch fits into the Sifting Tray for even more discrimination when sifting and classifying botanicals. The screen insert has 1/4 inch openings whereas the Sifting Tray has 1/2 inch openings. These options allow you to dial and tune your sorting when processing botanicals for staging, sorting and packaging.

Custom drilled holes allow the screen insert to snap securely into the base of the Sifting Tray. The edge holes are rounded on all openings to prevent damage to botanicals.

The Screen Insert can be cleaned with warm water and soap.