Trim Trap (Case of 10)

  • NorCal brand
  • Qty: 10 per case
  • Dimensions: 30.5L x 20W x 2H inches
  • Sorting and sifting tool that fits on top of 30 inch long 27 gallon totes
  • Features 9/16 inch openings for sifting and classification
  • Sturdy construction, easy to clean
  • Improves efficiency during processing phase
  • Reduces chance of wasting valuable plant material
  • For use with popular brand 30 inch long 27 gallon totes
  • Innovative time and money saving tool
  • Tote not included
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Trim Trap by NorCal* is a sorting and sifting tool that fits on top of 30 inch long 27 gallon totes and can be used to sift away unwanted plant materials from your finished product. The sorting lid features 9/16 inch openings.

This innovative tools helps save time and money when processing plant material and works well in tandem with trim trays — as trays become full during the trimming process they are dumped onto Trim Trap. After a few quick sifting movements of the bin the smaller trim will fall into the bin leaving the larger materials on top. When the bin is full just take the Trim Trap off and replace it with the original lid and stack it with the others.

The flagship product from NorCal makes processing botanicals more efficient and reduces your chance of wasting valuable, usable product.

Trim Trap is compatible with the following totes:

  • Rubbermaid 37 gallon Roughneck
  • Sterelite Industrial 27 gallon tote
  • Costco’s Greenmande 27 gallon tote
  • Lowes Commander XXL 27 gallon tote
  • Lowes blue plastic house brand Rugged 31 gallon totes
  • Homz 27 gallon tote

*Tote not included