These are the Snips you are looking for.

Back and better than ever, The Green Scissor Snips are ready to go.


From Japan to California to you, Saboten scissors are ready to ship.

Trim Bin by Harvest More

Trim Bin Classic, Filter and Bottom Only. Screens too. Order up!

SYMBYS Stash Vacuum Bag Sealer 2.0

The next gen sealer from SYMBYS is new, improved and ready to go!

Beautiful Locking Bags

Transport goods safely and in style with The Green Scissor locking bags.

There's a New Apron in the Greenhouse

Check out our new Utility Waist Apron. 100% unbleached cotton.

Wholesale Harvest Supply

Tools and Supplies for Harvest and Beyond Since 2009

Colors Everywhere!

SHOWA ATLAS Nitrile Coated Gloves. Assorted colors. Excellent pricing.

Wholesale Harvest Supply

Tools and Supplies for Harvest and Beyond Since 2009

Chikamasa Scissors

From Japan to California to You

The Green Scissor

Turkey, Oven and Vacuum Bags
100% Nylon, BPA Free, Food Safe

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