Abscent Odor Absorbing Bags

Abscent Design brand exceeds in terms of quality, selection and style. Constructed with exclusive fabrics for advanced durability, Abscent Odor Absorbing bags are built to withstand excessive wear and tear. You can travel in style while safely and securely transporting your goods in Abscent bags.

Thickest, Most Concentrated Carbon Liner on the Market Today

You can count on Abscent’s double lined carbon activated layers to work to keep smells in the bag. An additional layer of antimicrobial protection helps protect the spacious inner compartments and keeps them comfy and nice. What else? Abscent bags are made with heavy duty, conscientious construction. What’s that mean? According to the Abscent crew it means that with less stitching, (due to ingenious design), there are less seams which amps the odor-absorbing, odor-blocking power of the bag. Additionally, the zipper, velcro and exterior fabrics are water resistant. And, the bags are lockable.

Back Packs, Duffels, Bankers: Bags for All Treks and Capacities

Abscent’s got lots of styles and sizes to choose from to cover all sorts of treks and capacities. The LARGEST bag of all is the MAGNUM — this 33 x 19 x 17 inch duffel redefines the term oversize. In terms of classic necessities, the LARGE and MEDIUM basic duffels have a proven track record for for their usefullness, versatility and durability. The Roll Top Back Packs are the latest in high functioning design and can expand and contract to fit your needs. The BANKER Bag offers discreet, safe harbor for important smalls, documents, money. Abscent has a full line to choose from.

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