Why Turkey and Oven Bags for Processing, Sorting and Storage?

Why are 100% Nylon Turkey and Oven Bags good for processing foods and botanicals? Let’s start with: stable, food safe material, high tensile strength, puncture and tear resistant, decent vapor barrier, low gas and moisture permeability, BPA free, no plastics-enhancement additives, oven, microwave and freezer safe, food grade.

All excellent points.

The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags: Since 2009

The Green Scissor 100% nylon BPA FREE food safe bags are made to spec with careful attention to strength and clarity. They are food safe bags made of nylon film that is produced with a very tight molecular structure for high tensile strength. These bags are NOT your typical mass market plastic bags. Did you know that some common brand polyethylene bags contain plasticizers, dyes and other chemicals designed to give the bag a certain quality, feel, color or opacity? One popular supermarket brand polyethylene (zipper) bag includes a “proprietary chemical recipe composing the bag’s film that prevents flavor co-mingling”. If you care about chemicals leeching into your foods or botanicals this is not an option.

Turkey/Oven Bag Material Offers Decent Vapor Barrier Protection

Typical mass market polyethylene bags allow valuable flavor and scent molecules to be absorbed into the plastic bag material and lost to the outer air. The Green Scissor 100% nylon BPA FREE food safe bags offer a superior, more stable barrier and work to protect the organoleptic qualities of your foods and botanicals. While not as protective as mylar bags, The Green Scissor Bags can be used for trim and harvest phase sorting and classification, short term storage, or in combination with other storage containers such as mylar or buckets for long term storage.

The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags in the Kitchen

The Green Scissor 100% nylon BPA FREE food safe bags can be used in conventional and microwave ovens. Oven bags help to keep the food being cooked moist by trapping moisture and flavors in the bag and preventing it from escaping into the oven. Follow the instructions on the package when using The Green Scissor bags in the kitchen. And remember: bags are a suffocation hazard for children and must be kept out of reach of children at all times.

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