Professional 5 ML, BPA free with Air Removal Channels

SYMBYS Stash Vacuum Bags are compatible with most commercial vacuum sealing machines. Made of heavy duty, non-toxic plastic, SYMBYS bags are available in varying sizes. You can choose from precut bags and uncut rolls. (PLEASE NOTE: the CLEAR option is 4ml thickness while the BLACKOUT and CLEAR/BLACKOUT options are 5ml thickness.)


Whether for short or long term storage, SYMBYS gives you bag substrate options to allow for discretion and/or light protection as needed. Use SYMBYS Stash Vacuum Bags to preserve and store your botanicals and food items safely and well.

SYMBYS Brand = Eric Approved

Many of you know that Eric, our fearless leader, has a keen eye for solid products entering the market. He doesn’t mess around with substandard products or brands. As for the SYMBYS Stash Vacuum Bag line, Eric is an enthusiastic fan. Big points for their exceptional thickness and sturdy construction, SYMBYS bags are made well. Additionally, they are free of toxic components. The selection is complete: SYMBYS offers varying sizes for their 50 foot uncut rolls as well as their precut bags. Another good thing about SYMBYS brand is that it’s founders are industry peeps. SYMBYS is not a diversified main stream food storage company.

Excellent Pricing from Wholesale Harvest Supply

Wholesale Harvest Supply has excellent pricing on SYMBYS so that means stores can offer excellent pricing to their customers. Get in the game with SYMBYS brand vacuum bags.

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