This Tool Has It All

The LighterBro Multi-Tool is a must have item for your store because everyone can use a LighterBro. What is it? It’s a lighter case that’s also a bottle opener, screw driver, knife, key chain and scissor. LighterBro is the perfect companion tool for almost every activity everywhere. Take it fishing to cut line, use the screw driver to repair your glasses, slice pizza with the knife, pop a cold one with the opener, start a campfire with the lighter.

Lightweight and Well Made

LighterBro is made of stainless steel and offers excellent corrosion resistance so it’s tough and good looking. It weighs just 4 ounces so it won’t take up too much space or add heft to your backpack, pocket or carry bag.

Attractive Carded Packaging

Each LighterBro comes packaged on an easy to hang, cardboard card with poly wrap.

Great Gift and Impulse Item

LighterBro makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer. It’s also hard to resist as a point of purchase impulse buy. It has mass appeal and is super useful.

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