From Northern California: The Newest Dry Trim Solution, TrimBag

The kind folks at KB Designs created TrimBag to be the affordable way to trim and sift flowers. They looked at the industry and sought to bring a creative new approach while maintaining machine trimming standards. They added portability, user control and a variety of time saving techniques to create a truly unique, hands on trimming experience. TrimBag is a patented hand held dry trimming device that gives you customized control of the finished product.

Friction is the Key Function to the TrimBag System

For the device to work efficiently, product must be dry and humidity in the environment low. Friction comes from multiple sources in the TrimBag during the motions. During the Lifting Motion, the product is gets friction from tumbling, rolling and rotating against itself and the main chamber. During the Spinning Motion the body of the TrimBag is quickly reversed, the product is sent one direction and the housing is moving the opposite direction. This creates a cross-frictional trim that quickly removes leaf. Every strain is unique. The Sifting Motion of shaking and bouncing creates friction against the sides and screen.

Dual Chamber Design Separates Flower from Leaf

The dual chamber design allows leaf to be poured neatly out of the bottom chamber and flower to be poured from the top chamber. TrimBag works with varying product conditions, every strain and batch is unique. The user has control over the motion series and can tailor the movements and timing to the precise needs of the product. TrimBag is designed to allow for simple, careful, efficient processing and is an innovative, time- and money-saving processing tool that Wholesale Harvest Supply is proud to offer.

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