What Do You Trim In? If it’s not Trim Bin then you don’t know what you’re missing!

Harvest More engineers and manufactures the highest quality, most user-friendly products in the horticulture industry. Their revolutionary flag ship product is the Trim Bin and it has changed the way people harvest.

Would You, Could You On the Porch?

Trim Bin is portable and let’s you create a contained, comfortable work space on a table, on a couch, on the front porch.

Complete Set or Bottom Bin Only: You Choose

You can use the Trim Bin complete set OR you can use the Trim Bin Bottom Only. The complete set includes a top bin fitted with a 150 micron interchangeable stainless steel screen for pollen collection which nestles into the bottom bin. Using the Bottom Bin alone is an excellent option for wet work.

What Else?

You can use Trim Bin Bottom to hold beads, scrapbook assets, glitter tubes, paints and more as you work comfortably on your next crafting project. Or keep an extra Bottom Bin on hand to help with sorting and collection when harvesting and processing botanicals.

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