Take Control of Your Humidity with BOOST Humidity Packets

Integra BOOST Humidity Packs are manufactured by Desiccare Inc, a company longstanding in the forefront of the atmospheric packaging business.

Use BOOST Humidity Packets for Drying, Curing and Preserving Botanicals

Controlling the humidity in your container is key to keeping your botanicals fresh. BOOST humidiccant’s humidity control adapts and responds to its environment: BOOST will absorb or release moisture as neccessary to keep things stable.

Never a Rigid, Broken, Salty Mess

Unlike other humidity control packets, BOOST humidity regulator packs will not harden up, crack and expose your botanicals to the packet contents. BOOST packs feature durable, puncture resistant overwraps.

Responsible Humidity Regulation: BOOST Makes It Easy

BOOST humidity packets preserve the organoleptic qualities of your botanicals. BOOST keeps mold and mildew away and prevents drying. You can depend on BOOST for keeping quality and potency at their best.

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