Harvest Saver Bags Keep Botanicals Fresh

Harvest Saver Vacuum Bags give you 50 feet of uncut bag material that you can cut at any interval to create a finished package size that best suits your needs. These popular bags come in big, bulk rolls and are priced right. Harvest Saver Vacuum Bags are a bit wider than conventional bags with a bag width of 11.5 inches. They’re sturdy, roomy and versatile.

Great Brand, Dependable Quality

These bags are part of The Green Scissor line of products. The Green Scissor brand is a veteran brand with a dependable track record for providing top quality, no-nonsense harvest-phase products.

Vacuum Sealing is Easy and Effective

Made with commercial grade material with a 3 ml thickness or density, these bags feature micro-grid technology that insures complete air removal. You can use the Harvest Saver Vacuum Bags with just about any vacuum packaging machine. Once sealed, your product can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved or boiled.

Lock in Freshness and Potency

Vacuum seal your harvest in small or large bags for short or long term storage or transport and keep the freshness and potency locked in.

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