Symbys Stash Vacuum Bags 15 x 18/20 in – PRECUT (100 pk)

  • Symbys Brand
  • Case Qty: 100 bags
  • Bag size CLEAR: 15 x 18 inches
  • Bag size BLACKOUT or CLEAR/BLACKOUT: 15 X 20 inches
  • Choose from: CLEAR (4ml), BLACKOUT (5ml) or CLEAR/BLACKOUT (5ml)
  • Uncut, 2 ply bag material, 4ml or 5ml thickness (see above)
  • Strong material, resists blowouts
  • BPA Free, non-toxic plastic, no Bisphenol A
  • Heavy duty bags with air removal channels for maximum freshness
  • Great for food and non-food uses
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Symbys Stash PRECUT Vacuum Bags are compatible with most vacuum sealing machines. These PRECUT bags are made of heavy duty, non-toxic plastic that is BPA and Bisphenol A free. Choose from: CLEAR, BLACKOUT or CLEAR/BLACKOUT bag material. Bag thicknesses vary based on type of bag material.

These bags are made of heavy duty, non-toxic plastic that is BPA/Bisphenol A free. The bags are sturdy 2 ply bags with a 4 ml or 5 ml thickness depending on bag material choice. Symbys Vacuum Bags can be used with all compatible vacuum sealing machines. BLACKOUT and CLEAR/BLACKOUT options allow for discretion and/or light protection as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: the CLEAR option is 4ml thickness while the BLACKOUT and CLEAR/BLACKOUT options are 5ml thickness.

Symbys brand Stash Bags feature air removal channels to assure maximum freshness.

Use Symbys Stash Vacuum Bags to preserve and store your botanicals and food items safely and well.

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