Trim Bin Replacement Screen

  • Harvest More Brand
  • Two sizes available: 150 and 220 micron
  • For use with Trim Bin two tier trim trays
  • High yield pollen collection system for Trim Bin
  • Stainless mesh screen
  • Plastic coated aluminum frame
  • Includes hardware, easy to install
  • Make every snip count with a fresh, new screen!
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    Replace or upgrade your Trim Bin Screen when you’re ready. Trim Bins ship with the original 150 micron stainless screen but if you wanna get more pollen, the 220 micron screen is now available. Trim Bin Replacement Screens come with the appropriate hardware and they are easy to install. Another great product accessory from the folks at Harvest More.

    Additional information

    Weight .30 lbs
    Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in
    Screen Size