Trim Bin Pallet – Complete Set FULL Pallet

  • FULL Pallet pricing on TrimBin
  • Harvest-More Brand
  • Qty per FULL pallet: 240
  • Increase your margin, keep well-stocked
  • Two tier trim tray with pollen collection system
  • Interchangeable 150 micron stainless mesh screen
  • Engineered for optimum ergonomics and comfort
  • High molded walls = efficient, organized work space
  • Easy to clean. Easy to carry.
  • Stackable bins perfect for shipping and display
  • Made in California, USA.
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    Purchase Trim Bin by the pallet and increase your profit margin. Pallet purchasing let’s you keep your inventory levels high and ready for sales. Save time and money by purchasing at the pallet tier. Save money and time with the Trim Bin pallet.

    Trim Bin is a two tiered trim tray and pollen collection system made by Harvest More. This system is well made and engineered for optimum ergonomics and comfort. With Trim Bin you can turn any chair or couch into a comfortable work area for trimming. This harvest tool helps to reduce stress injuries and increase productivity. Each two tiered set features high walls for a clean and organized work space. Trim Bin ships with a 150 micron stainless mesh screen for pollen collection. This screen can be replaced or changed for a different screen. Additional accessories are also available. See the Drink Holder, 220 micron screen and more.

    Purchase a Trim Bin pallet to keep inventory robust during harvest season.

    Additional information

    Weight 970 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 40 × 81 in