Saboten Harvesting Shears PT-7 58mm Blade (Case 12)


  • Brand: Saboten
  • Qty per case: 12
  • Blade Type: STRAIGHT
  • Blade Material: Japanese high quality carbon steel with hard chrome plating
  • Blade length: 58 mm (2.28 inches)
  • Overall length: 200 mm (7.87 inches)
  • Solid, strong, construction
  • Extra smooth ground blade that’s sharp
  • Textured, coated handle for solid, no-slip grip
  • Central urethane cushion to absorb impact
  • Locking ‘fin’ mechanism with easy off/on control
  • Made in Japan
  • Excellent New Product
  • Out of stock

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    Saboten Harvesting Shears PT-7: These are AMAZING! Excellent, sturdy, medium weight scissor-shears for harvesting and pruning!

    Made in Japan, the Saboten Harvesting Shears PT-7 58mm Blade is strong and well made. Made of high quality Japanese carbon steel, the blades feature hard chrome plating and are polished extra smooth to prevent scratching and tearing to plants while cutting.

    The handles are textured to provide a solid grip and feature a central urethane cushion to absorb shock. The locking mechanism, called a ‘fin’, is easy to place on and off.

    The SABOTEN Harvesting Shears are a solid addition to any garden tool chest and will quickly become a favorite.