Green Scissor Oven Bags 16 x 17.5 in – 1000 box (BULK)

  • The Green Scissor Brand
  • Bag Size: 16 x 17.5 inches
  • Case Qty: 1000 ct bags
  • Excellent BULK pricing
  • Volume: 2 gallon capacity*
  • Liner: 2 gallon*
  • 100% Nylon, BPA Free, Food Safe Bags
  • Vapor and heat resistant quality material
  • Oven, freezer and microwave safe
  • FDA Approved food grade material
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Sturdy seams = less chance of blowouts
  • For home, garden and commercial use
  • Line containers, buckets, pails
  • Wrap equipment, store and mix ingredients, samples, etc
  • Packaged in 100% recycled/recyclable cartons and printed with soy based ink.
  • *Volume and Liner capacities are general guides, individual needs may differ
  • Description

    Buy Bulk Oven Bags 1000 ct from The Green Scissor! Get a big box of Green Scissor Oven Bags in this long-time popular size (16 x 17.5 in).

    The Green Scissor Oven Bags are 100% Nylon BPA Free Food Safe Bags. These versatile bags offer many uses for home, garden, processing facility, labs and more. The Green Scissor Bags provide a stable barrier that protects the organoleptic qualities of herbs through processing, extraction and storage. The Green Scissor Oven Bags hold 2 gallons and can be used to line up a 2 gallon bucket*.

    Made of FDA approved food grade material, The Green Scissor Oven Bags are BPA free, and vapor and heat resistant. Made to spec with careful attention to clarity and strength — you can depend on Green Scissor Bags for consistency and quality.

    Sort, Stage and Store Your Botanicals with The Green Scissor Bags!

    These boxes of 1000 count bags are both convenient and economical. They are thick, durable and puncture resistant. Use these 100% nylon food safe bags to prevent contamination, assure clean workspaces, line containers, wrap tools and equipment, mix and store ingredients, isolate and protect samples. The Green Scissor Bags are liquid and vapor-tight.

    Packaged in 100% recycled/recyclable cartons and printed with soy based ink.

    The 1000 count bulk bag option is both convenient and economical. Use these best quality bags to stage, sort and store your botanicals.

    Additional information

    Weight 25 lbs
    Dimensions 17.25 × 10.25 × 7 in