The Green Scissor Matches

  • The Green Scissor brand
  • Qty per case: 100
  • Promotional item: free of charge
  • Each match box contains white tipped wooden matches
  • Irie message/vibes: GROW.HARVEST.THRIVE. plus The Green Scissor branding
  • Excellent register space give away for store customers
  • While supplies last
  • One case per order
  • Out of stock

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    Did you know that lighters were invented before matches? It’s true. Friction matches were invented in 1826 by an English chemist named John Walker. Lighters were invented in 1823 by a German chemist named Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner.

    The Green Scissor Matches were invented in the summer of 2016. They are lipstick box style matches with white heads and they have good vibes. And they bring good things to light.

    These promotional matches are available to our stores free of charge. To be given out to customers and fans of The Green Scissor line of products.

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