Weighing Botanicals and Filling Bags on a Digital Scale? This is the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For!

The Green Scissor Weigh Simple Bag Stand allows you to weigh and package bulk herbs into plastic bags with ease and accuracy. Weighing and portioning out loose botanicals can be a cumbersome task unless you have the right tools. With the Weigh Simple Bag Stand you have what you need. The Weigh Simple Bag Stand mounts to the digital scale platform and features an adjustable cradle to hold the bag size of your choice. Set it up, tare it, then fill.

The Weigh Simple Bag Stand Offers Clear Sight and Access to the Scale Controls

You can stop fussing with balancing bags atop your scale while weighing and forget about using clumsy bowls and expansion trays that get in the way of the scales control screen. The Green Scissor Weigh Simple Bag Stand gives you full and easy access to everything you need access to while packaging: the botanicals, the bag and the scale controls.

Packaging and Weighing Bulk Herbs Has Never Been Easier or More Efficient

This is the innovative game changer for the packaging phase of production. Whether you are preparing botanicals for resale, storage or transport, The Weigh Simple Bag Stand will revolutionize your process. Package and weigh with accuracy and ease with The Weigh Simple Bag Stand.