The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags: Since 2009

Back in the day, in Northern California, super markets had this weird thing happen in the fall: there was a run on Reynolds Oven Bags. From Bay Area stores up thru the Emerald Triangle, long before Thanksgiving Day, stores were selling out of the two-pack boxes of Reynolds Oven Bags. They couldn’t figure it out but they ordered more. More boxes, increased pack sizes and then: those sold out too. What was happening in Northern California beginning in September that spurred this run on oven bags? Harvest.

Mass Market Plastic Bags for Harvest = NO

Nor Cal growers recognized the inherent superiority of Oven Bags over typical run-of-the-mill plastic bags. For one thing, Oven Bags are stiffer than poly bags (you might call Oven Bags crisp, crinkly), they are made of harder, tougher, food grade material. Unlike generic plastic bags Oven Bags don’t fall down and in upon themselves, nor do they stretch out of shape with use.

Turkey/Oven Bag Material Offers Decent Vapor Barrier Protection

Typical mass market plastic bags are very porous or gas permeable. When using typical polyethylene bags during trim phase, valuable flavor and scent molecules are absorbed into the plastic bag material and lost to the outer air. Oven Bags offer a superior, more stable barrier and work to protect the organoleptic qualities of your harvest. While not as protective as mylar bags, Oven Bags can be used for trim phase sorting and classification, short term storage or for showcasing product before transport or further packaging.

High Tensile Strength and Food Safe

Oven Bags are stronger than regular plastic bags. They are designed to withstand high temperatures for cooking foods with the objective of keeping the essential flavor and scent molecules IN the bag. To accomplish this, Oven Bag film is produced with a very tight molecular structure for high tensile strength. As Eric, Owner and CEO of Wholesale Harvest Supply, likes to put it: If you imagine blowing up the molecular structure of a polyethylene or mass market zipper bag, you would see an opening or pore the size of a chain-link fence. By contrast if you were to look at a magnified Oven Bag it would look more like your screen door. A picture is worth a thousand words.

No Toxic Plastics Additives, BPA Free, No Trashy Zipper Component

Mass market plastic bags can contain plasticizers, dyes and other chemicals designed to give the bag a certain quality, feel, color or opacity. One popular supermarket brand polyethylene (zipper) bag includes a “proprietary chemical recipe composing the bag’s film that prevents flavor comingling”. Really? Do you want that up against your product, your harvest, your organic flowers? These chemicals are often dangerous and used without consumer knowledge. The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags are free of dangerous additives and made to spec with careful attention for clarity and strength.

Trim Phase: Sorting, Staging, Packing, Repacking — You Know the Drill

Having ample turkey and oven bags on hand helps to keep your product and crew organized during harvest time. When it’s time to showcase your goods, crystal clear Green Scissor Bags won’t get in the way. Need short term storage? That’ll work too. The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven Bags are made right and sized right. They’re available in 5, 20 and 25 pack sizes as well as in larger quantities: 150 and 200 count boxes. Need more than that? Buy in BULK: 1000 count boxes.

100% Nylon BPA FREE Food Safe Bags by The Green Scissor: Our #1 Recommendation

The Green Scissor brand Turkey and Oven Bags, as well as their Big Tom and Tote Liner bags, are made of 100% Nylon. They are BPA Free and Food Safe Approved by the FDA. Wholesale Harvest Supply also continues to carry the Reynolds Oven Bags.

Turkey and Oven Bags – Not Just a California Thing

The Green Scissor sets the industry standard for bags used in sorting, staging and storing harvests nationwide. Wholesale Harvest Supply offers The Green Scissor line of Turkey and Oven Bags at wholesale pricing that can’t be beat.

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