Trim Station (DISCO)

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  • Trim Station brand
  • Qty per case: 10
  • Dimensions: 23 in W x 13 in L x 5 in H
  • Starter Kit included with each Trim Station
  • Starter Kit includes: 1 Green Screen, 1 Band-It, 1 Grease Ball and 2 Swag Bags
  • Green Screen nests in central chute area as filter
  • Swag bag attaches to central chute with band-it to capture waste material
  • Grease Ball to wipe scissors
  • Trimming Made Easy!
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    Trim Station is designed to substantially increase efficiency by organizing work flow through ergonomic design. Made in California using 100% recycled materials, Trim Station features lap lock contours, wrist rests and easy to grip handles. The central chute collection chamber keeps work space clear of debris. This unique trim tray comes in amazing colors and let’s workers keep their phones, scissors and drinks safely close at hand while they work. Each unit comes with a starter pack containing: 1 Green Screen, 1 Band-It, 1 Grease Ball and 2 Swag Bags. This harvest tool is Herb-o-nomically correct! For trimmers who want the ultimate set up and extra comfort use this unit along with a Trim Station Stand.