Jack’s Hand Cleaner (DISCO)

  • This item is discontinued.
  • Qty per case: 12 jars
  • Each Mixed Case: 6 LEMON and 6 EUCALYPTUS
  • Each jar contains 16 fl oz
  • Effective hand cleaner made with natural ingredients
  • Safe for water systems, the environment, your body
  • Ingredients: raw sugar, grape seed oil, castile soap, vegetable glycerin, vit E, essential oils
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    Fresh from the hills of Northern California comes Jack’s Hand Cleaner. Great for removing dirt, resin, and gardening grime. This completely bio-degradable hand cleaner is safe to use around open water sources. Not only will you take off all the resin and grime but your hands will smell great. Each mixed case comes with 6 Lemon and 6 Eucalyptus.