Essentra Isopropyl Alcohol 96% Presaturated Wipes

  • Essentra brand
  • Choose from: Single Canister or Case of 12
  • 100 count wipes per canister
  • Clean room certified isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • Each wipe measures 6 x 8.5 inches
  • Polyester and cellulose hydroentangled material
  • Non-contaminating canister with spring closure lid prevents drying
  • 96% ISO with 4% deionized water
  • Cleans resin and debris off scissor blades in seconds
  • Use to wipe down trim trays, work tables, measuring tools and more
  • Clear
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    Essentra Alcohol Wipes help to keep tools, tabletops and hands clean. Isopropyl Alcohol 96% Presaturated Wipes are designed for use in controlled environment manufacturing areas. Each canister is fitted with a specially designed lid that prevents evaporation. The wipes are 6 x 8.5 inches in a solution of 96% isopropyl alcohol and 4% purified deionized water. Each canister contains 100 wipes.

    Choose from single canisters or full cases of 12 canisters each. Use Isopropyl Alcohol 96% Presaturated Wipes for clean up and quality assurance. Essentra wipes help to control contamination in critical environments and are recommended for use in ISO 4 and 5 clean room environments. Essentra wipes are made for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and other industries.

    Use Essentra Isopropyl Alcohol 96% Presaturated Wipes for general cleaning, maintenance, wipe-down, inspection and for cleaning scissors, tabletops, trays and other surfaces.

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