Clauss Snips (DISCO)

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  • Clauss Brand
  • Qty per case: 12
  • Blade Type: Straight
  • Blade Material: Titanium bonded blades
  • Clauss blades are 3X stronger than plain stainless
  • Super sharp tips, spring assisted motion
  • Impact resistant grips
  • Locks for safety
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    Clauss premium garden snips feature titanium bonded blades and are 3 times harder than regular stainless steel. Clauss Snips stay sharper longer and will resist adhesives and corrosion. Clauss Snips have super sharp, fine tips and excellent spring-glide action. They are engineered for continued daily use and have comfortable, no slip handles. You know you’re rockin’ it when Clauss is in the House!

    Clauss brand scissors are durable, well-made and available from Wholesale Harvest Supply at a great price point. These precision pruners are the new, best, high performance snips in town. Clauss scissors and tools have been the choice of professionals and discriminating home users since 1877. Made of superior grade steel and through-hardened to hold an edge, you can depend on Clauss Scissors and Snips to cut smoothly, withstand extended use and repeated sharpening.