The Green Scissor Presents

Safety Forward Storage: Child Resistant Locking Bags

The Green Scissor presents its new line of reusable, locking bags. The Safety Forward Storage line includes Locking Hemp Bags and Locking Poly Fabric Bags.

Anonymous Bags has passed the torch to The Green Scissor; these are the same great bags Wholesale Harvest Supply previously distributed under the Anonymous brand.

The Green Scissor Child Resistant Locking Bags are everyone’s best option for SAFE, SECURE, RESPONSIBLE STORAGE and TRANSPORT.

The Green Scissor Locking Exit Bags

Polyester Fabric Child-Resistant Bag with Locking Zipper Closure

This classic black envelope-style bag is ASTM D-3475 certified child-resistant and features a locking zipper mechanism for safe, secure, responsible storage and transport. Made with durable 600D polyester, this bag allows one to store or transport medicines, botanicals and wares while protecting pets and children from access.

Approved by the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) this locking zipper pouch bag is on the Approved Packaging List for EXIT PACKAGING that is re-sealable and continually, child-resistant. The Green Scissor Locking Bag may be used as primary packaging or may be used as an exit package. These bags are a must-have for dispensaries in states that mandate compliant exit packaging. This bag is fully compliant with Colorado MED and ASTM D-3475-13 standards for child-resistance.

The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Bags

Hemp with Foil Lining Child-Resistant Bag with Locking Zipper Closure

The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Stash Bags are foil lined bags with an outer fabric that is 100% hemp. The locking zipper mechanism keeps goods and wares safely stowed while in storage or transit. The zipper opens to reveal a spacious, lined inner pouch.

Driving, Boating, Shopping? Lock Your Meds!

Though the rules seem to be in a constant state of flux, common sense dictates that medicines be stored and transported in locked containers. In most states only containers certified to meet the child-resistance packaging standards are legally permitted to exit a dispensary with product.

California’s Prop 64 currently includes a provision that requires flowers, concentrates and edibles to be stowed in closed, locked containers when driving or boating with limits of up to 1 ounce of flower and up to 8 grams of concentrate. Additionally, the Safety Forward Storage Bags from The Green Scissor meet the requirements that California has proposed for exit packaging to be resealable, child-resistant and opaque. (This as of November 2018.)

Reusable, Not Disposable: Say Goodbye to Plastic Film Packaging!

With the Safety Forward Storage line of bags you are doing your part in maintaining safe, responsible protocol. AND you are helping to reduce waste! Click here to see the full line of SAFETY FORWARD STORAGE BAGS >>>