NCIA Business Summit San Jose 2018

Eric joined Liz and Cortland from 710 SPIRITS at the National Cannabis Industry Association Business Summit in San Jose this week. Have you been rethinking your ethanol extraction methods too? Hopefully you were able to meet up with them at the Expo to discuss and learn more about using 710 SPIRITS in place of straight-up ethanol in the extraction phase. If not, no worries, contact Eric to learn more.

Up to 70% Fiscal Savings with 710 SPIRITS

710 SPIRITS was designed to alleviate the burden of Federal Excise Tax from the herbal extraction industry while using only the highest grade materials to maintain the absolute best end product. Unlike pure ethanol which is heavily taxed by the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) at a rate of $27 per gallon, 710SPIRITS® is free from tax regulations resulting in major financial savings. 710SPIRITS® can be purchased with no Federal Excise Tax, no permitting, and no additional record keeping. Because the material is completely denatured, TTB regulations relating the sale and use of pure ethanol do not apply.

Is 710 SPIRITS Right For You?

Extraction using 710SPIRITS® MUST be processed using commercial evaporation equipment such as a roto evaporator or spray evaporator, where the end product is being tested for residual solvents to ensure ALL the solvent is removed.

Ready to Buy?

Interested? 710SPRITS is a powerful pharmaceutical/food grade solvent capable of producing exceptionally clean, premium quality oil extractions. Wholesale Harvest Supply is proud to carry this exceptional solvent. Learn more about 710 SPIRITS here >>>