Hand Kind Scrub Has Lots of Pluses

We’ve been looking for a new Hand Cleaner to add to our line but it hasn’t been an easy find. Sure there are some hand cleaners out there but we don’t jive with certain ingredients, dispensing systems or overpriced goods. In our search for a righteous hand cleaner that takes sticky grime, dirt and oils off hands we tested several. Hand Kind Scrub from KINDERMA passed on all accounts and we’ve added it to our Clean Up line.

Trim Crew Tested and Approved

When a prospective hand cleaner passed our ingredients and dispensing system requirements we sent it along to a trim crew willing to test run it for us. Hand Kind Scrub received favorable results from the test crew so we brought it on board. The crew liked Hand Kind Scrubs efficacy in removing sticky sap and debris from their fingers and hands. They also liked the way the cleaner made their hands feel after use. Unlike other hand cleaners, Hand Kind Scrub is NOT MESSY to dispense. It is a big bottle with a sturdy pump. It doesn’t require stirring, it’s not likely to tip over and even if it did it won’t spill. It doesn’t require stirring and if the bottle does get messy it is simple to wipe clean.

Non Toxic Ingredients That Work

The surfactant (detergent) action of Hand Kind Scrub is coconut oil based and works fast to break down grime and dirt. Walnut shell powder gives the scrub an effective yet gentle abrasive quality that adds to the efficacy of removing debris and breaking dirt down. Nourishing cocoa butter assists in breaking down oils while also protecting skin. There are no parabens, fragrance chemicals or other toxic ingredients in Hand Kind Scrub.

Lots of Cleanings Per Bottle and Priced Right

Hand Kind Scrub gives you 24 oz worth of cleanings at a price point that makes sense. That’s a lot of cleaning power. And remember, unlike other cleaners, you won’t loose product due to spillage, evaporation, drying and you don’t need to re-emulsify the product yourself.

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